Arose from a competition organized by the municipality of Amsterdam and the cultural park Westergas. 
The job description was to work on the attractiveness of a portocabin present on the westergas cultural park.
The portocabin household a security company that observed the site for upcoming problems.
In addition to the security service is the secondary function of the portocabine helping visitors true the ways of the westergas cultural park. 

The location of the portocabine is at the entrance of the cultural park.  Here where visitors get their first impression of the cultural park. 
You good say the face of the park. 

Culture park westergas is a dynamic place over a wide ranges of activities 
a business area with offices cultural companies restaurants and recreation. 
This formula diversity creates a dynamic that is a special in Dutch office/industrial area. 
By mixing office work culture and recreation a 20 hours economy is born which created a rather unique setting for Dutch work sites.

These work functions are usually separated that for example in most office situation after work time the workspace is abundant.
The cultural park westergas changed after office hours in a place where you can eat or listen to some music.
Also cultural events such as Amsterdam fashion week are held in the westergas.

Park Light consists of an exoskeleton with a wooden tower on top.
This tower is covered with panels and has LED lighting inside.
In the Daytime the exoskeleton gives a suggestion of a work in progress in the evening it transforms into a light beacon.

For me it was the combination of the night and day Installation
that fits well with the 20 hours economy of the area.
The exoskeleton as the open construction gives an on finish doing, this gives openings for interpretation.

The exoskeleton as an open design makes it appear unfinished to give openings for interpretation. 
And as a viewer this will raise questions about, architectonisce objects such as containers,
Not only as a spatial landmark that we are all too familiar with. 
But also one with an orientation point in time by its unfinished appearance. 
The Question about what is finished
 And unfinished will rise too the surface of the mind.


parklicht: 2010