its alive: 2009















Its alive is a study of what is living and what is dead.
In this sculpture / installation are two opposites in juxtaposition on a square surface.
A model of the French architect Le Corbusier's study "domino house" (1914-1915) rests ona bed of earth
This earth is littered with seeds of plants.
Over time the seeds germinate and grow into plants,
in this process is not the  plant the only thing that grows.
contrast between model  and plants take the same speed in growing.
The planting looks wild and random next to the  elegant and perfect idea of the model of the domino house.

a projector plays the role of a spectator who shed light on this sight
by the intervention of a projector is a shadow created on the rear side wall,
in the projected image on the wall, 
the model and plant are intertwined in harmony,as if they sprung from the same seed.

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its alive